Choreography has always been a passion of mine. From a very young age I would be choreographing to my favourite pop track in my bedroom. During my training at Laine Theatre Arts Gerry Zuccarello said to me once, 'I'll tell you one rule for when you choreograph, KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid!". At the time I think I replied that I wasn't sure if I would be a choreographer, and he definitely said to me "Oh you will, so remember the rule!".

Obviously that has stayed in my mind for many years to come and is one of my core values in creating and devising choreography. I love to create choreography that is as pleasing and enjoyable to the eye as it feels to dance. I aim to make my choreography relatable to both dancer and audience. I always feel that the audience should want to dance with you, that the choreography would inspire that.

I also love to story tell through my movement. Not by acting so much but by creating situations for dancers/characters to respond to. Having a numbers that move and create interactions to be observed by the audience and responded to my the performers. These interactions tell so much about the number, are the dancers happy to interact, or is it a confrontational meeting, are they curious about each other or about the surrounding area. All of these things to me are part of choreographing a stage piece.

Below are some video examples of my choreography, from rehearsals to stage performances.

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